Trenton Showcase Volunteers - 2/??/19 - Time TBD - (No PIP Hours)

Volunteers needed to be security and pass out tickets at the Trenton Showcase.

Volunteer Leader: Gary Strunk
West Main Rink Door:
West Main Rink Door: Scott Hazelton
West Main Rink Tickets:
West Main Rink Tickets: Stephanie Strunk
East Tiefer Rink Door: Ryan Lenarcic
East Tiefer Rink Door:
East Tiefer Rink Tickets:
East Tiefer Rink Tickets:

Alternate Volunteer #1: Mark Dykstra
Alternate Volunteer #2: Bryan Kallen
Alternate Volunteer #3:

Basket Coordinators - TBD


Senior Night - 2/23/19 Volunteers (No PIP Hours)

Roles for Senior Night (Junior and Sophomore Moms)

1 Parent to be head of budget, go between Coach Klanow, Annette and Kurt, Organize and Delegate duties.

2 Parents to take photos during games for book, poster board, and panels in warming room for the night of Senior Night

1 Parent for getting balloons, cigars for dads and flowers for moms. (Normally they are carnations or roses)

Organize food, desserts, drinks for after game.

Decorate morning of, track, warming room and poster book in rink.

Poster board in warming room.

Yearbook and be the go between players, parents and printer.

Organize questionnaires for players, thank you notes from players, get baby pictures from parents and letter from parents all to be used in year book.

Coordinate and reserve tables and linens with Kelley Stramiglia for warming room.

Write speech and do announcing before game to announce Seniors and parents.

Organize parent gifts and package parent gifts.

Junior Moms:  Hazelton, Dundas

Sophomore Moms: 

Pictures and Banners:

End of the Year Banquet Volunteers (No PIP Hours)

Senior Mom: Kim Clark

Junior Mom: Helen Dundas

Sophomore Mom:

Freshman Mom: