April 28th 7:00 PM

Hockey Informational Meeting Recap


Here is a recap of the Informational Meeting on April 28th at 7 PM.

GM Kurt Kormos took attendance at the door. All players were asked if they were interested in playing Summer Hockey and if they were interested in learning more and/or signing up for the High Endurance camp. More on those below. If you were absent from the meeting, please let Kurt know if you are interested in playing Summer Hockey or in the High Endurance Camp. His email is kuria1@yahoo.com.

Coach Klanow then presented the following information:

  1. The St. Mary’s Hockey Program has switched divisions from Division 1 to Division 3. The reason is that we feel the strength of the teams in Division 3 is stronger than the sum of the teams in Division 1. This does not affect our regular season opponents.
  2. Summer High Endurance Camp – June 21 – August 13. St. Mary’s offers a High Endurance Hockey Camp over the summer. This is an additional Program to our Summer Program.
    1. 4 days per week 8 AM – 10:30 AM (No Camp week of July 4th)
    2. On Ice 60 Minutes, Off-Ice/Gym 60 Minutes
    3. Shooting Room 30 Minutes/Over Speed Training
    4. Instructors: Brian Klanow, Corey Elkins, Tom Mannino, Zack Doyen, Mike Szmatula, James Gonzales
    5. Cost is $645
    6. Registration Link
  3. Evaluation Skates for the Summer Program – June 8th and 9th.
    1. Freshmen & Sophomores will skate from 6-7:30 PM
    2. Juniors, Seniors and last year’s Varsity Players will skate from 7:30-9 PM
    3. Evaluation skates will determine which Summer Teams you will be on.
  4. Summer Program – After Evaluations players will be divided up into 4 teams and participate in the Summer Program which will start on or about June 21. The Summer Program participation is not Mandatory, but you are encouraged to attend sessions when you can so that the coaches can get a look at you. We do understand that families take vacations and have a summer life, so attendance is not strictly monitored. The Summer Program ends Aug 1, and there is a shutdown of the program for the week of July 4th. The 4 teams are defined below.
    1. Summer Prep Team – This team will do skills sessions and play in tournaments, possibly an additional game or two.
      1. Flint Tournament – July 16-18
      2. Cleveland – July 23-25
  • Traverse City – July 30 -Aug 1
  1. Possible Tournament in June
  1. Varsity Team – This Team will play in the GLSHL (website) – 10 games and Off-Ice Sessions
  2. JV Red Team – This Team will play in the GLSHL (website) – 10 Games and Off-Ice Sessions
  3. JV White Team – This Team will play in the GLSHL (website) -10 Games and Off-Ice Sessions
  1. After the Summer programs end, there is a break for a few weeks until School starts.
  2. Once School begins, we will have Captains Practices (players skate after school with the Captains monitoring them). Players can drop their bags off in the ice rink before school.
  3. Fall Program – Our Fall Program starts after Labor Day. Players are divided into 3 Teams. All teams will have skills sessions and off-Ice sessions and play 10-12 games. Fall will end Oct 31.
    1. Varsity Team will play in the Cranbrook conditioning League at Cranbrook school. All games are during the week between 4 and 7 PM 12 – 14 Games
    2. JV Red Team will play in a Fall JV Conditioning League. All games are Friday, Saturday, or Sundays. 10 -12 Games
    3. JV White Team will play in a Fall JV Conditioning League. All games are Friday, Saturday, or Sundays. 10 -12 Games
  4. Additional Fall Opportunities (Not discussed) – There are other opportunities for High School Players to gain exposure to scouts and high-level competition in the Fall. The 2 Programs listed below are in conjunction with our Fall Program. This means that you can do both our Program and 1 of the other 2 Programs listed below in the FALL. These 2 Programs require Tryouts and are for High End Players
    1. MDHL – Plays Games on the weekend mornings and selects players for a U16 and a U18 team that will play in an out of state tournament- 10 Games plus the Tournament – (website)
    2. MHA (or Top 80) – Puts together a U15, U16, and a U18 team to play in 4 Tournaments. They also have practices, usually during the week. – (website)
  5. Winter Program tryouts are Nov 1st and 2nd players will be divided into 3 teams.
    1. Varsity – Plays in the MIHL (website) – 25 Games plus playoffs.
    2. JV Red – Plays in the MJVHL (website) – 25 Games
    3. JV White – Plays in the MJVHL (website) – 25 Games

Kurt Kormos then presented the following:

  1. Teamsnap is the main source of communication. All players need to have a Teamsnap account. Players are encouraged to have their own email address on their Teamsnap account so they are aware of the going ons of their team. It is not mom or dad’s responsibility to tell the player what is happening.
  2. Website Information (stmaryshockey.com)
  3. Program Costs – all costs below are averages from the last few years. True Costs will be determined later.
    1. Summer Program cost are approximately $350
    2. Fall Program costs are approximately $650
    3. Winter Program costs are approximately $1500
  4. Kurt explained that St. Mary’s is a high-end Hockey Program. Other teams relish trying to beat us. We have a target on our back. We are looking for talented, hardworking, self-motivated players.

Coach Klanow then stepped back up to the Podium and said that the first thing scouts and schools ask him about when they call about a player is “what kind of Character does the Player have”. He said it was the single most important trait to him is that players have great Character.

Items Not Covered in the Meeting

  1. Mission Statement
    1. “To ensure that all players are well trained, prepared and motivated athletes that can effectively perform team requirements and practice to the best of their ability.”
  2. Tradition of Excellence – St Mary’s Prep Tradition
    1. Founded 1885
    2. One of the longest standing High School Sports Traditions in Michigan
    3. 33 State Championships
    4. 20 Professional Athletes
  3. Mary’s Prep Hockey History
    1. Started in 1993-1994
    2. State Championship – 2005, 2007 and 2008
    3. State Runner-up in 2011
    4. Final Four – 2010, 2011 and 2012
    5. 19 Regional Championship, 13 Titles
    6. 6 Professional Hockey Players
    7. Multiple Junior A and NCAA Hockey Players
  4. Mary’s Athletic Complex
    1. 1500 Seat Ice Arena
    2. Full-Service Weight Room
    3. Indoor Running Track
    4. 7 Lane Shooting Range
    5. Video Room
    6. Professional Coaching Staff
  5. What is Success?
    1. When a player wants and has a need to be the best they can be.
    2. Being committed to yourself.
    3. The ability to do everything in your power to help your TEAM win!
    4. Not being an imposter.
    5. Don’t be content. Challenge yourself to do more.
    6. Sacrifice for your team’s success.
    7. Be selfless!
  6. Program Structure
    1. Commitment
    2. Common Goals
    3. Conduct Enforcement
    4. Self-Monitoring
    5. Every player on the same page
    6. Live the Mission Statement and Direction
    7. Understand the Program benefits
  7. Coaches Commitment
    1. Communication- Across the board
    2. Player/Parent Evaluations (2 per season)
    4. Full Program Strategy/Skill Practice Sessions
  8. Player Expectations
    1. Character!
    2. Fully Embrace the Opportunity
    3. Lead by example- Mentor
    4. Good Teammate
    5. Humility
    6. Community Involvement
    7. Support other programs at St. Mary’s – School involvement
    8. Respectful to everyone associated with St. Mary’s and the game of Hockey, Opponents, Officials, Fans.

Thanks to everyone who attended. If you wish to be removed from the St. Mary’s  Hockey Teamsnap, please email Kurt Kormos (kuria1@yahoo.com).

If you have any questions about the Program, you can email Brian Klanow (bklanow@stmarysprep.com) or Kurt Kormos