GM Kurt Kormos took attendance at the door.

Coach Klanow then presented the following information:

  1. Introduced the Coaching Staffs for the Winter teams
  2. Went over Player Expectations
    1. Work hard every day at being a better person and disciplined.
    2. Be Prepared – On ice and on Time.
    3. Off-Ice Training – Embrace it because without it you will fil to reach your full potential.
    4. In the classroom – be a good student and give your best.
    5. Character!
    6. Fully Embrace the Opportunity
    7. Lead by example- Mentor
    8. Good Teammate
    9. Humility
    10. Community Involvement
    11. Support other programs at St. Mary’s – School involvement.
    12. Respectful to everyone associated with St. Mary’s and the game of Hockey, Opponents, Officials, Fans.
  3. The St. Mary’s Hockey Program is looking for players who:
    1. Want to play at St. Mary’s
    2. Want to work hard.
    3. Want to be a better Hockey Player
  1. Evaluation Skates for the Summer Program – June 3rd and 4th.
    1. Freshmen & Sophomores will skate from 6-7:30 PM
    2. Juniors, Seniors and last year’s Varsity Players will skate from 7:30-9 PM
    3. Evaluation skates will determine which Summer Teams you will be on
  2. Summer Program – After Evaluations players will be divided up into 3 or 4 teams (depending on the number of players) that will participate in the Summer Program, which will start on or about June 17. The Summer Program participation is not Mandatory, but you are encouraged to attend sessions when you can so that the coaches can get a look at you. We do understand that families take vacations and have a summer life, so attendance is not strictly monitored. The Summer Program ends Aug 4, and there is a shutdown of the program for the week of July 4th. The 4 teams are defined below.
    1. Summer Varsity Red Team – This Team will play some games and
      1. Alpena Tournament – June 28-30.
      2. Flint Tournament – July 12 – 14
      3. Ferris State Showcase – July 26 – 28
    2. Summer Varsity White Team – This Team will play 8 games and
      1. Flint Tournament – July 12 – 14
    3. JV Red Team – This Team will play 10 – 12 games.
    4. JV White Team (If the numbers are there) 10 – 12 Games
  3. Summer High Endurance Camp – June 17 – August 8. (LINK)
    1. St. Mary’s offers a High Endurance Hockey Camp over the summer. This is an additional Program to our Summer Program.
    2. 4 days per week 8 AM – 10:30 AM (No Camp week of July 4th)
    3. 2 Fitness Evaluations at the beginning and end plus nutritional guidance.
  4. Captains Practices – Once School begins, we will have Captains Practices (players skate after school with the captains monitoring them). Players can drop their bags off in the ice rink before school.
  5. Fall Program – Our Fall Program starts after Labor Day. Players are divided into 3 Teams. All teams will have skills sessions and off-Ice sessions and play 10-12 games. Fall will end Oct 29.
    1. Varsity Red Team will play in the Cranbrook conditioning League at Cranbrook school. All games are during the week between 4 and 7 PM 12 games.
    2. Varsity White will play in a Fall League or independent games.
    3. JV Team will play in a Fall JV Conditioning League. All games are Friday, Saturday, or Sundays. 10 -12 Games.
    4. Skills sessions and practices Starting the Tuesday after Labor Day.
  6. Additional Fall Opportunities– There are other opportunities for High School Players to gain exposure to scouts and high-level competition in the Fall. The 2 Programs listed below are in conjunction with our Fall Program. This means that you can do both our Program and 1 of the other 2 Programs listed below in the FALL. These 2 Programs require Tryouts and are for High End Players
    1. MDHL – Plays Games on the weekend mornings and selects players for a U16 and a U18 team that will play in an out of state tournament- 10 Games plus the Tournament – (website)
    2. MHA (or Top 80) – Puts together a U15, U16, and a U18 team to play in 4 Tournaments. They also have practices, usually during the week. – (website)
  1. Winter Program tryouts are Oct 29th and 30th after which the players will be divided into 3 teams.
    1. Varsity Red – Plays in the MIHL – 25 Games plus playoffs.
    2. Varsity White – Plays in the Turnpike League and plays 25 Games.
    3. JV – Plays in the MJVHL – 25 Games.

Kurt Kormos then presented the following (some are answers to follow-up questions):

  1. Teamsnap is the main source of communication. All players need to have a Teamsnap account. Players are encouraged to have their own email address on their Teamsnap account, so they are aware of the events for their team. It is not mom or dad’s responsibility to tell the player what is happening.
  2. All players need to add their phone number to their Teamsnap account so coaches can contact them.
  3. Website Information (
  4. The website has the contacts for all coaches. Please use this a first resource.
  5. St. Mary’s is a high-end Hockey Program. Other teams relish trying to beat us. We have a target on our back. We are looking for talented, hardworking, self-motivated players.
  6. Varsity & Varsity White will NOT be playing over Thanksgiving weekend.
  7. JV WILL be playing over Thanksgiving weekend.
  8. Special Events this year
    1. Varsity travels to Marquette (12/20 – 12/21) and Sault Ste. Marie (2/14 – 2/15).
    2. Varsity White travels to Cleveland(12/6 – 12/7).
    3. JV hosts a Thanksgiving Tournament (11/29 – 11/30) and travels to Marquette (12/20 – 12/21).
  9. A player can be called to Varsity from either the Varsity White Team or the JV team. If you are good enough, you will play where your skill set says you should play.
  10. Parents should check out our Alumni Page.
  11. Parents should read the articles on our website (Under Articles)
  12. MIHL (Varsity League) is the most competitive in the State.
  13. The MJVHL is the most competitive JV League in the state.
  14. Players who play a Fall Sport at St. Mary’s are encouraged to do so. You may skate with our Fall Teams if:
    1. The Fall Coach allows you to.
    2. Hockey does interfere with the Fall Sport in any way. You cannot miss any event related to the Fall Sport for Fall Hockey.

Thanks to everyone who attended. If you wish to be removed from the St. Mary’s  Hockey Teamsnap, please email Kurt Kormos (

If you have any questions about the Program, you can email Brian Klanow ( or Kurt Kormos