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TeamSnap is our main source of communication. New Players should e-mail  Kurt at kuria1@yahoo.com to be added to Team Snap.

Should you have any questions or concerns please call or email:

Manager Kurt Kormos: kuria1@yahoo.com or 248-760-7499




NON – HS Events

By orchardlakestmaryshockey | December 19, 2016

It has come to our attention that some players over break are planning on playing in tournaments (3 on 3 or others). PLEASE BE AWARE THAT PER MHSAA RULES, (WHICH IS MAHA) YOU CANNOT DO THIS! Any player who does this cannot return to the high school team he currently plays for. If you do…

New Free to Play League

By orchardlakestmaryshockey | December 15, 2016

12/14/2016, 9:15pm EST By Brett Bruneteau Boston, MA (December 14, 2016) –     The United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL) is proud to announce the launch of the National Collegiate Development Conference, (NCDC) which is a unique, tuition-free Junior hockey division geared toward Division I collegiate development/placement and beyond. The National Collegiate Development Conference will drop its first puck…

Tryout Information

By orchardlakestmaryshockey | October 26, 2016

You must have your Fall Jersey in order to Tryout! Tryout Dates Monday 10/31 3- 4:30 Seniors and Juniors 4:30 – 6 Sophomores and Freshmen Tuesday 11/1 3- 4:30 Sophomores and Freshmen I will have the tryout teams on Monday afternoon in the rink.


By orchardlakestmaryshockey | October 6, 2016

Everyone in the Hockey Program needs to understand that Bullying OF ANY SORT, will NOT be tolerated. Bullying is considered to include, but not limited to: Verbally harassing another player Taking and/or hiding of another players equipment or belongings Social Media harassment Physically touching another player It doesn’t matter who the target is. Anyone caught bullying can…

Fall Events

By orchardlakestmaryshockey | August 22, 2016

This is a list of the Fall Events. Captains Practice after School until Labor Day. Power Skating – Once a week TPH – Twice a week for OL -Cranbrook TPH –  Once a week for OL Red and OL White Athletes Edge Off-Ice (all at OLSM) – Twice a week Team Practice – Twice a week for…